It's Easy to Work with Proof Positive Papers

When you need prompt, professional proofreading services, we respond very quickly. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Send your Document for an Estimate

    Complete our quick and easy contact form to describe your writing project, indicate your deadline, and upload your document. (If you prefer, you can alternatively send your document by email to Although we can usually accept most popular file types (including PDF), we mark our recommended edits in Microsoft Word using the "Track Changes" facility—so Microsoft Word is our preferred format. We will immediately review your file, analyze its content, and email you a firm estimate of the cost. We'll also commit to a project-cycle deadline (i.e. x days from the start of work).

  2. Pay First Half Upfront

    If you approve the estimate, you must make a 50-percent upfront payment through PayPal. Click here to initiate the payment process.

  3. Work Starts After Payment Received

    Once we receive your first-half payment, the project cycle begins. Remember, no work begins until you make your first-half payment through PayPal. Delays in payment can delay delivery of your editing project.

  4. Pay Second Half on Delivery

    On or before your deadline, we'll return your Microsoft Word file to you (by email) with marked-up revisions to your text. At that time, you make your second-half payment through PayPal.

  5. Review Marked-Up Edits and Changes Made with "Track Changes"

    We make all edits using Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" feature and they will be plainly visible for your review, acceptance, or rejection . We may also add comments and suggestions to the document using Word's "Comments" feature. For more information on Track changes, check out this great video.

    And this page from the Microsoft support website also provides an easy overview of Track Changes.

  6. Post-Project Follow-Up

    We welcome any and all post-project questions you have regarding all of the changes, comments, and suggestions we have made and are happy to explain the underlying rationale for any proposed edit. Just send us an e-mail.

Some Words from our Clients

I've found that writing is the easiest part—proofreading, the most difficult, and yet the most important aspect of writing a novel. Cindy Beatty accomplished this most difficult assignment with skill and in a timely manner, relieving me of the pressure of that task. Proof Positive Papers certainly has my continued business, and my thanks.

Bob Robb

We at ATO Pictures, LLC found Proof Positive Papers to be quick and precise. We can definitely recommend them for proofreading of important documents with a fast turnaround.

ATO Pictures

I had a great relationship with Cindy - on both macro and micro levels - which included a fabulous edit she did for me on my latest novel, 'The Yellow Bird.'

John Roach

Proof Positive Papers has proofread sensitive documents for me on several occasions. Every time, they have provided me with the utmost in professionalism and responsive service. They turn things around quickly and the recommended changes unfailingly improve what I'm trying to convey.

Johnathan Holifield
Founder of the Trim-Tab System