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When deadlines loom and you need clear prose, impeccable punctuation and grammar, and error-free spelling, don't settle for anything less than proofreading excellence. From books and dissertations to term papers, screenplays, or even simple reports and essays, you can trust Proof Positive Papers for uncompromising quality—at the unbeatable rate of just a penny per word.

We detect and correct the complete range of proofreading and light copyediting issues: typos, misspellings, punctuation, faulty grammar, clarity/word choice, sentence/paragraph structure, transitions, word choice, verb tenses, and more.

Our proofreading services help ensure that your hard work shines. Best of all, you work directly with two talented professionals who have years of experience. That means you get high-quality services quickly and affordably.

Don't wait. Don't settle for "good enough." Don't get outsourced to questionable freelancers and part-time subcontractors. Get in touch with us today for a prompt quote and delivery timeframe. We provide excellent results and responsive service at unbeatable rates.

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