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Proof Positive Papers uses Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" feature to mark all insertions and deletions. This powerful feature uses colored type, strike-through, and underlining to clearly show you (on-screen or in a printout) our recommended edits. Using a right-click, you can accept or reject edits as you see fit.

Here's an example of what tracked changes look like in Microsoft Word:

When writters are ready to submit their work for publication, it needs to be editinged and proofreading. It's usually impossible for a writer to review their his or her own work. The best proofrreading comes from an independent 3rd third party who's ready to find spelling errors and fixing grammar mistakes. A good proofreader knows their there are rules for possessives and verb tenses.
Fortunately, Microsoft Word's "'tTrack Changes"' feature makes it easy to markr, accept, and reject proposed edits.

For more information on "Track Changes," consult the video and links on the right.

Track Changes in Microsoft Word 2003

Track Changes in Microsoft Word 2007

Track Changes in Microsoft Word 2010