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After you've labored for months or years crafting your manuscript, you can't afford to turn it over to just anyone for hit-or-miss proofreading, outrageous fees, and unacceptable delays.You need to work with seasoned experts—people who understand the special challenges that book authors face and who can identify and eliminate even the subtlest issues across your manuscript. That's what Proof Positive Papers can do for you - quickly and affordably.

Working with numerous professional authors Proof Positive Papers has developed special expertise in book proofreading. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, memoirs, children's literature, articles, manuals, or other documents, we can work with you to help you burnish your text and create the best possible manuscript before you submit it for publication. Our two-person team reviews your book twice, to double-check every word and ensure your manuscript conveys your intent clearly and concisely.

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A Special Note to First-Time or Unpublished Authors

First - congratulations! We know firsthand about the extensive time and commitment it takes to write a project of this magnitude. Now that your draft is complete, give yourself the added edge that comes from submitting the cleanest, tightest possible manuscript. Whether you have a paid publishing contract or you're self-publishing, we can provide valuable proofreading services that reduce alteration costs, improve the quality of the manuscript, and speed your production process. We've worked with many first-time authors like you - and we'd be delighted to help you improve your book as you move toward publication.